Financial Advice

We simplify the complex areas of wealth creation, wealth protection, superannuation and retirement planning.

Wealth Creation

Our investment advice is individually tailored to your personal needs and financial objectives. We adopt a strategic view on long-term performance rather than short-term gains.

Xen Wealth offers

  • Expert advice
    Using your risk profile, current market conditions and your goals to select the most appropriate investment. We will use techniques to minimise unnecessary risks.

  • Regular communication
    Once the investment is in place it is not a case of set and forget, we are in contact with you regularly. This is also to ensure all your short, medium and long-term goals are still the overall focus of your plan.

  • Tax Effective Investment Strategies
    Using techniques that could see you paying less tax than you would have paid on another investment with the same return and risk.

  • Education
    We will explain your investment and help you understand the investment maze.

Cashflow Management

Xen Wealth will create an effective cashflow management system. We will maximise the return from your short-term cash holdings while ensuring you still have money available for your immediate lifestyle needs and investment opportunities

We can help you to automate and control regular investments, outgoings, dividends and investment income, reduce risk and simplify compliance through comprehensive transaction tracking and tax reporting. Income management lets you identify where you are spending and allows you to see where savings can be made. This is an important step in the financial strategy as it underpins the wealth creation.

Some of our cash flow management strategies include:

  • Cash flow analysis
    From the first meeting we will collect budget information and include this in your financial plan allowing for short term goals.

  • Income Management
    We are your primary contact which reduces stress and confusion.

  • Reporting
    At any time but primarily for end of financial year we prepare all your reports to complete your tax return.

  • Cash Reserve
    We will incorporate this into your financial plan and recommend to have a cash reserve for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection is a key factor in protecting your health, income and assets.  Xen Wealth can help you to find the best wealth protection strategy that meets your individual and/or family needs.

We can structure it in a way that is both tax and cashflow effective to ensure suitable cover is achieved for you

We can assist you with:

  • Protecting your income and assets
    If the unexpected happens, benefits are paid to you for the purpose of medical expenses, mortgage repayments, debt, day to day living expenses.

  • Insurance assessment
    Using the information collected from you we will calculate and discuss appropriate levels of cover.

  • Insurance implementation
    We will take you through the application process and follow up once your cover is in place.

  • Insurance claims
    In the event you need to claim we want you focus on recovery and your family.  We will facilitate initial paperwork and work with you and your nominated specialists to get a potential claim assessed and paid as soon as practical.  


Do you know how much you need to save for retirement? For some of us trying to navigate the ins and outs of superannuation can be overwhelmingWe're aware of the multitude of legal and tax implications that are required when managing the accumulation and growth of retirement assets

Xen Wealth takes a holistic approach to your superannuation needs which may include salary sacrifice and transition to retirement strategies.

The quality of your future depends on making the right decisions about your finances now. Xen Wealth can help you make the right choices now to ensure your financial security for the future. We can examine your current superannuation arrangements and identify ways to improve your income in retirement.

How we can help you with your superannuation:

  • Consolidate
    Do you have more than one superannuation fund? Let us provide you with a comparison of costs and consider consolidating into an appropriate super fund to reduce duplicate fund manager fees. Click here to find out whether have more than one super fund.

  • Select investments
    We will get you to complete a risk profile and discuss your investment appetite. From this information we will suggest an investment portfolio.

  • Retirement Planning
    We can examine your current superannuation arrangements and identify ways to improve your income in retirement.

Debt Management

Xen Wealth will work with you to develop a strategy to help you achieve your financial goals

We will help you increase the amount invested, taking into account various borrowing strategies and tax efficiencies

Although wealth creation is often driven by investment returns, debt reduction is a vital factor. We can look at ways to minimise tax, reduce your mortgage more rapidly and review salary packaging.

Xen Wealth can offer advice on:

  • Reviewing current debt
    Using income management we can reduce debt.

  • Tax minimisation strategies
    Using debt in a way to minimise tax comparative to having the same investment.

  • Mortgage management
    We will review loan structure, interest rate and term.

Xen Wealth Financial Advice Process

  1. Fact Find - Complimentary Meeting
    Lets get to know each other.
    We will look to understand your current financial situation and set any expectations.
    We will identify and document your short and long term goals.
    We will ask you to bring supporting documents for a constructive conversation. This might include things like superannuation statements, bank and/or loan statements or even existing insurance policy details. 
    This helps us understand your financial position and your personal background

  2. Strategy Considerations - Complimentary Meeting
    We treat this meeting like a brainstorm session wanting you to be actively involved.
    Using the information from the Fact Find we will expand further on your goals and aspirations.
    We will look at ways we can help you achieve these goals while maintaining your current lifestyle.
    A key objective is to provide you with education in laments terms.
    We encourage you to ask any questions or voice your concerns. After all these meetings are about YOU!
    You are under no obligation to proceed.

  3. Statement of Advice (SOA) Meeting
    So you've decided you would like to engage in our Service Offering.
    We are required to present with our formal recommendations.  This document is called a Statement of Advice.
    We will start with a snapshot of your current situation including projections, product recommendations and why we've recommended.  
    We will disclose costs, provide you with reasons and consequences of our recommendations.
    We will also explain the implementation process assisting with paperwork, lodgement and set expectations.

  4. Ongoing Review
    Once recommendations have been implemented, we will get together in person or over the phone to recap what's occurred int he recent weeks.
    We will determine key touchpoints throughout the year and look to formally review your financial position annually.  This may be more frequent depending on your long or short term strategy.

    We have an open door policy and welcome your call or email.  Pop into the office for a complimentary coffee chat!